Motus Remote Work Reimbursement – Your Free Trial

If you’re wondering how to reimburse your employees for the business use of their personal assets – you’re not alone. Many businesses are looking for ways to fairly and accurately reimburse employees who are now working remotely full-time.

That’s why Motus and IDS have come together to provide a critical need to businesses during this time. For IDS clients and the broader equipment finance industry, we’re offering Motus Remote Work Reimbursement complimentary for 90 days. All you need to do to get connected is complete the form and accept your free trial.

What do you get with Motus Remote Work Reimbursement?

You’ll get fair and accurate reimbursement rates for the business use of mobile devices, Internet and home office. Rates are customized to each employees’ location – factoring in cost of living data and itemized bill components.

You can also avoid the tax waste associated with stipends, mitigate the risk of a lawsuit and increase employee engagement/productivity during these uncertain times.

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