3 Steps for hr leaders to successfully implement a mileage reimbursement policy

As a Human Resources leader, it's crucial to implement fair and equitable policies that produce cost savings and increase efficiencies across your business. And as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, it's important to evaluate the way you reimburse your mobile employees for their business mileage. 

Our article, 3 Steps For HR Leaders to Successfully Implement a Mileage Reimbursement Policy, will provide you with the necessary knowledge to evaluate and implement the right mileage reimbursement policy for your business.

Download the article to discover:

  • The difference between reimbursement and compensation under a flat car allowance program 
  • How to implement a mileage reimbursement policy that's compliant with state and federal labor laws
  • How to communicate a  new mileage reimbursement policy across your business  

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